Poppy 6.5" Bowl by Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda

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Kosta Boda
$ 500.00

Poppy 6.5" Bowl by Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda

Kjell has a penchant for designing challenging models and has a great respect for the glassblowers of Southern Sweden. Organic free forms fire the imagination. Colorful, playful and filled with bubbles. “The poppy flower is associated with Demeter - the Greek goddess of fertility and harvest. My inspiration comes from a poppy that just is opening... The colors symbolize the different color schemes of daylight, rain, frost and sun. The amazing shape with its unevenness and texture was somewhat of a challenge to make in glass” -  Kjell Engman

Material(S): Glass

Measurements:  H: 6.5" x  W: 6.5

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A tirelessly productive visual artist with unbounded imagination and a passion for narrative, who finds free expression through both utility glass and art glass. Kjell Engman gets his inspiration from the most diverse sources, not least from the animal kingdom and the world of music and entertainment. He often works on large installations in which he also combines elements of sound and light. Kjell Engman is frequently commissioned for public works both in Sweden and abroad.