Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker for Induction Stoves by Alessi

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A new introduction in the popular Pulcina Stovetop espresso maker, produced in collaboration with Illy.

This version has a base compatible with induction cooktops. The six cup version comes with two funnel-shaped filter: one for classic espresso coffee and the other for filter coffee, a.k.a. “American coffee”.

Available in 3 cup and 6 cup (espresso, not fluid ounce) sizes.

3 Cup: 5 ¼ oz – 6” x 3 ½” – h 8”
6 Cup: 10 ½ oz – 8” x 4 ¾” – h 10 ¼”

The Michele de Lucchi collection is available here.

The Alessi brand is available here.


$ 125.00