Replacement Black Bird Whistle for the Water Kettle by Michael Graves for Alessi

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So many of these little birdies have been lost or melted over the years; here are some replacements. 

Mr. Graves loved the fact that many of these birds magically disappeared from display in stores around the country.  He liked knowing people loved the design. 

A few notes:

1) Use MEDIUM heat when heating your kettle.  When you use higher heat (especially with professional stoves) you risk ruining not only your whistle, but also the steel finish in your kettle.

2) Put enough water in your kettle.  If there isn't enough water there will not be enough pressure for the birdie to whistle. 

3) When in doubt blow the whistle.  If it works then the problem is more than likely with water levels or the seal of the lid. 

$ 12.00