Variety & Gift Packs by Super Salve

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Super Salve Co.
$ 11.95
Roller Pack
Cozy Pack
Super Pack

Variety & Gift Packs by Super Salve

Travel size or sample size, here's a grouping of Super Salve's most popular salves.

Includes: Arnica Salve, Calendula Salve, Sun Salve, & Super Salve

Roller Pack: .5 oz tubes.
Cozy Pack: .5 oz. tins
Super Pack: 1.75 oz. tins

Founded by Denise Tracy, The Super Salve Company began as a quest to find something to prevent and fight foot fungus on Colorado River Guides. Located in New Mexico, the Super Salve Co.'s selection has expanded to include lip balms, arnica, sun salve, and mimosa blossom dream cream (Kylie Jenner's favorite).