Roost Aluminum Egg Cup, Set of 2 by Adam Goodrum for Alessi

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Roost Aluminum Egg Cup, Set of 2 by Adam Goodrum for Alessi

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Roost Egg Cup by Adam Goodrum for Alessi

The sculptural Egg cup “Roost” by Adam Goodrum won the 2015 “Alessi Design Prize”: a competition organised by the Australian magazine Vogue Living.

According to the designer:

“My parents who live on the south coast of NSW have often had chooks. The daily hunt for eggs is always a highlight – one requiring varying levels of involvement. From the simple discovering of them in the plastic lawn mower grass catchers that serve as nesting boxes to the more intrepid search requiring the slipping of a wary hand under an ensconced, lazy and generally cranky hen, lifting the cozy, feathered body and feeling about for a delicate, warm treasure. There is nothing more satisfying than collecting morning eggs then having one freshly boiled with an oozing bright yellow
yolk, always with an element of wonder in its revelation. Roost is a response to my fascination both with the perfect geometry and proportion of a hen’s egg and to the sense of surprise and anticipation in the opening of a perfect boiled egg. It was important to capture the wonder in how the simple shape of an egg differs entirely from its internal albumen and yolk. There is magic in this difference and this sense of the unexpected was a focus for my design. The design is made up of two same components that “nest” together for compact, elegant storage. When separated the “cracked” halves can be used to hold two boiled eggs or used for one boiled egg and its hat. The ‘ “nests” comprise of three cradling, internal curves that ensure any size egg is always fully supported.”

Set of 2 Nesting Egg Cups in Aluminum

1 ¾” Height (inch)
1 ¾” Length (inch)
1 ¾” Width (inch)

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