Salvador Dali Xai Sheep Table by BD Barcelona

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Salvador Dali Xai Sheep Table by BD Barcelona

$ 72,600.00

Salvador Dali Xai Table by BD Barcelona

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This project is a hallmark on the long tradition of BD’s reproductions of Salvador Dali’s furniture, that started with the Sofa in the form of lips, which was installed in the Sala Mae West of the Theatre Museum in the city of Figueres. Later in time, BD reproduced other furniture and lamps. Ideas were drawn from Dalí’s own drawing projects and paintings. This is the same with the Xai. We broke up the painting, "Interpretation Project for a stable-library” (1942), where there appears a characteristic Dalí drawer, made up of a little lamp-table. BD has received the support of the exceptional expertise and capacity of Deyrolle, the taxidermist from Paris who maintained an intense relationship with Salvador Dalí (many of Dalí’s pieces —bears, lions, lobster, swans...— are made by Deyrolle). Apart from the exceptional work of the taxidermist, emphasis must be placed on the maker of little table’s drawer and the little shoes in bronze. Oscar Tusquets

With the approval of the Gala Salvador Dalí Foundation, BD has decided to launch a limited edition of twenty white lambs, and one unique version in black. Naturally, as each piece is unique, each little table is in reality an only piece.

Deyrolle certifies that the sheep skins used for the prduction of these pieces come from a slaughter house which is a meat supplier, and no animal sacrifice has been made.

34.3" x 10.2" x h.28" (head) and h.23.2" (back)

It is important that these pieces not be exposed to a relative humidity above 65%. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. These pieces should be cleaned with a cotton cloth at least once a week to take away any dirt from the upholstery. Clean using a vacuum on low to remove any natural dust. A humid cloth, using only water can also be applied to clean this item. For grease marks, please refer this piece to a leather or a cleaning specialist.

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