Sancerre Porcelain Soup & Pasta Bowl by Pillivuyt

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Sancerre Porcelain Soup & Pasta Bowl by Pillivuyt

$ 35.00
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Sancerre Porcelain Soup & Pasta Bowl by Pillivuyt

Sancerre is a classic and refined Pillivuyt dinnerware for the most formal occasions and yet it is durable enough for everyday use. Characterized by the wide brim on each plate and a play between straight and curved form, this dinnerware collection is multifunctional with a touch of modernity.

Petite: 8.5" dia, 8 oz capacity
Small: 10" dia, 12 oz capacity
Medium: 11" dia, 17 oz capacity
Large: 12.5" dia, 24 oz capacity

MaterialPillienium Porcelain, 100% lead and cadmium-free

Care: Dishwasher Safe, Oven, Freezer, and Microwave Safe, Thermal Shock Resistant, and Shock Resistant

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Pillivuyt was founded by two Swiss brothers, Jean Louis Richard and Charles Pillivuyt in 1818. They bought a brick factory and turned it into a company to manufacture porcelain for the common household.  After a few years, Pillivuyt won its first design award in New York. In 1854 Charles Pillivuyt opened a new factory in Mehun sur Yevre, where the company factory is still based today, which flourished and became the choice of multiple royal households. 

For nearly 200 years, Pillivuyt France has been concerned with preserving its tradition and staying relevant with innovations that suit and respond to the changing demands of consumers around the world. Pillivuyt is one of the few porcelain makers to develop its own porcelain compound on-site at the factory. They are one of the last manufacturers to maintain a 100% French production. 

In 2005 Pillivuyt introduced stronger porcelain while working on new glazes and flame resistance, which led to Pillivuyt winning the Innovation Award. In the past few years changes have involved a revolution in and redefinition of the best materials to use in the porcelain “paste” itself, generating stronger, thinner, and more versatile cookware and dishes that are better suited to today’s needs.

Pillivuyt porcelain is first fired at 1795 F, the glaze is then applied and the porcelain is fired a second time at 2552 F. Decorated pieces are fired a third time in order to incorporate pigments into the glaze of the pieces, ensuring that they will be permanent and impervious to fading or changing color. Multiple firings at very high temperatures allow Pillivuyt to produce pieces that are non-porous and highly resistant to both mechanical and thermal shocks.

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