Sohu/Nanga Sohu Double-Sided Kachina by Manuel Youvella

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Artist Manuel Youvella is a member of the Hopi Tribe, residing on the First Mesa, Arizona where his family has lived for over 1000 years.  Kachina dolls represent the essential spirit of the Kachina itself and should be cared for with respect.

This Kachina is a double-sided version, with a representation of Sohu and Nanga Sohu.  Sohu, meaning 'star', has three pointed stars above his head.  These stars represent stars in our constellation Orion. Sohu is often a guardian, as represented by the rods in the hands. The position of Sohu is above a representation of the Moon over the First Mesa. Nanga Sohu is the 'Chasing Star.' Nanga Sohu taught the Hopi how to plant crops.  It brings the dawn and chases across the sky.

This kachina took the artist over a month to complete.


$ 395.00