T-Timepiece Tea Infuser by Alessi

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T-Timepiece Tea Infuser by Alessi

$ 45.00 $ 50.00

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T-Timepiece Tea Infuser by Alessi

What time is it?

Tea time, obviously.

Dutch Designer Titus Wybenga:

“When I visited the Alessi factory with fellow students I was struck by the level of craftsmanship. It inspired me to think of an everyday object with the quality of a jewel. The pocket watch, a classic precious object, gets a new, contemporary life as a tea infuser. Its original purpose is timekeeping, its new purpose is to stop time and allow for a moment of stillness and reflection. It would be wonderful if people would start to carry it around like a personal accessory.”

18/10 Stainless Steel.

¾” Height (inch)
2 ¼” Length (inch)
1 ¾” Width (inch)

The Alessi brand is available here.

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