TAC Stripes 2.0 Combi Cup for Rosenthal

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TAC Stripes 2.0 Combi Cup for Rosenthal

$ 54.00
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TAC Stripes 2.0 Combi Cup for Rosenthal

A tribute to Walter Gropius, the Stripes 2.0 motif variant is complemented with color and façade elements from the Rosenthal porcelain factory. A new, urban decor is created with the fine lines that mix and match with matte and shiny surfaces, metallic shimmering pieces and red glass.

Combi Cup: 10 oz.
Matching Saucer: 6.25"

Material: Porcelain

Care: Dishwasher suitable and Microwave safe.

With this décor the colours are burnt onto the glaze at a minimum temperature of at least 750 degrees C. The use of robust colours achieves such a strong lesion with the glaze that the dishwasher is most unlikely to do any damage to the décor. Dishwasher tests in the Rosenthal GmbH Institute for material technology (IWT) have proved the excellent durability of the décor. The service can be washed in the dishwasher economy cycle (55 degrees C). Please pay particular attention to the instructions of the dishwasher and detergent manufacturers on the suitability of the their products.

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Walter Gropius was born in Berlin in 1883 and died in Boston in 1969. Founded The Architects Collaborative Inc. (TAC), Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1946. Gropius studied architecture in Berlin and Munich. In 1918 he was called to Weimar where, as Director of the Academy of Art and of the School of Applied Arts, he founded the Staatliche Bauhaus. 1937–1952 professorship at Harvard University. As co-founder of the Deutscher Werkbund and as spiritual father of Bauhaus, Gropius had a major influence upon twentieth century artistic endeavor. He constructed production facilities for Rosenthal at Selb and Amberg and also designed the timeless TAC 1 tea service.The association, which was fruitful in many directions, commenced in 1963.

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