Taeguk Money Clip by Young Se Kim for Acme Studio

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Taeguk Money Clip by Young Se Kim for Acme Studio

$ 28.00
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"Taeguk" Money Clip, a design by Young Se Kim, comes from ACME Studio's line of designer money clips. Designs are made of epoxy, which is applied to the all silver metal clip. The ACME logo is engraved on the back.

This money clip is packaged in a black ACME sleeve.

YOUNG SE KIM was born in Seoul in 1950. He received a BFA in Industrial Design from Seoul National University. He also recieved an MFA in Industrial Design from University of Illinois at Chicago. Young Se Kim founded INNODESIGN, Inc. of Palo Alto, Ca. in 1985 and INNODESIGN Korea of Seoul in 1999. Since the inception of the company he has been active in running the business as well as designing numerous products. The company has grown to a multinational design consulting organization. He was rewarded the Gold/ Silver/Bronze prize at the IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) and his works were twice chosen by Business Week as the‚ÄĚBest Product of the Year‚ÄĚ. He was also rewarded the Grand Prix at Korea Industrial Design Awards and won many more worldly renowned prizes. Through this, he was able to promote to the world the potentials of Korean design. He also launched the designer brand, by INNO, and he is actively developing this design collection as a brand which the majority of people can easily enjoy and become friendly with.

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