The Five Seasons: Incense by Marcel Wanders for Alessi

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The Five Seasons: Incense by Marcel Wanders for Alessi

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The Five Seasons: Incense by Marcel Wanders for Alessi

A collaboration with Marcel Wanders and Alessi, The Five Seasons' scents were developed in Grasse and are available in candle, diffuser, incense and room spray form.

To the five fragrances proposed in the first collection, two additional fragrances are added, dedicated to the Sun and the Moon, once again created in collaboration with one of the most important perfumers of Grasse, the French city known all across the world for its flower and fragrance production. Enveloping olfactory experiences, with suitably evocative names chosen by Wanders: "Ohhh" for the enveloping splendor of the sun and "Uhhh" for the silvery charm of the Moon.

Lily incense burner available separately. 

"Uhhh" is feminine, aquatic and magical, created by the union of iodine, marine notes, white flowers, jasmine, lilac, ambergris and white musk.

The room diffusers feature a cut mahogany element for scent diffusion.  Only three twigs come into contact with the fragrance: for a more intense scent the elements can be moved around so the dry twigs also absorb the perfume. The leaf fragrance diffuser is sold together with a 5 oz. bottle of essence. The scent lasts for two to three months depending on the temperature and the level of humidity in the home. The design of the rounded base of the diffuser enables the bowl to rotate: a little push and it begins to spin, allowing the air to circulate among the leaves and the fragrance to disseminate more widely throughout the room.

20 incense sticks.

Replacement oils and diffusers are available separately.

The full Five Seasons Collection is available here.

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