Wacky Windup UFO Tin Wind Up Toy

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Wacky Windup UFO Tin Wind Up Toy

$ 7.95
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I love old toys. There used to be this fantastic toy store on 3rd street in Philadelphia Stocked to the gills with old stock. From dentist office toys to the stuff dreams are made of.  With a bit of patience you found memories and fun.

Tin toys are generally difficult to find now. Expensive to make, multiple parts, and (perhaps) relatively unknown to the handheld computer crowd, I found a German manufacturer in Frankfurt a few decades ago.  The German made pieces are so expensive as to simply be collector items.  This toy was made in China and is reasonably affordable.

A small UFO wind-up.  The oversized 'key' is also utilized as a pivot, which causes the toy to change direction.

As usual, not for young children.  Sold as a collectible. And please do not overwind.  This has resulted in the death of more than a few of my favorite toys  Enjoy.


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