Venezia/Pisa/Torcello Candle Holders by Ron Gilad for Danese Milano

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Danese Milano
$ 205.00

Venezia/Pisa/Torcello Candle Holders by Ron Gilad for Danese Milano

A collection of candlesticks that explore a series of opposites: stability vs. instability, one vs. many, surfaces vs. edges, movement vs. inertia. Ron Gilad chose to name these candlesticks after three places in Italy, Venezia, Pisa and Torcello. The candle is precariously balanced on a wood base.

Venezia - 61.2x7x12.2 h
Pisa - 9x7x24.5 h
Torcello - 11x7x11 h

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A well-established and esteemed Israeli-by-origin designer, Ron Gilad quickly drew the attention of curators, galleries, designers and press even while still a student at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Gilad has committed his body and mind to materializing of ideas, creating design pieces of astringent thoughtfulness, wit and elegance. Gilad’s fascination with "deconstructing" the function of an object has resulted in a broad body of work, ranging from furniture to jewelry to whole interiors. Gilad's work has been selected for the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum in NY and the Tel-Aviv Museum of modern Art as well as for private collections.