Vert Frais 15 ml Potpourri Refresher Oil by Christian Tortu

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Christian Tortu
$ 26.00

Vert Frais 15 ml Potpourri Refresher Oil by Christian Tortu

Meaning Fresh Greens, this potpourri was inspired by a poem by French poet Charles Baudelaire. 

“But the green Paradise of childhood loves,
That sinless Paradise, full of furtive pleasures,
Is it farther off now than India and China?
Can one call it back with plaintive cries,
And animate it still with a silvery voice,
That sinless Paradise full of furtive pleasures?”
Charles Baudelaire ‘ Moesta et errabunda’


A bouquet of floral notes creates the heart of this fragrance, bergamot, citrus and grains mingle with the rich and daring verbena.

15 ml

The potpourri is available separately. 

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Christian Tortu is a world-renown florist who mixes flowers, plants, and vegetables to create unique and stunning arrangements. His arrangements have been featured at the Cannes Film Festival as well as Chanel, Dior, and Valentino fashion shows. All of his products are inspired by the purity and wilderness of nature.