Vintage Green Bud Art Glass Vase by Erik Hoglund for Boda, Sweden, 7.75"

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Kosta Boda
$ 185.00

Designed by Erik Hoglund for Boda Glassworks.

A green vase, 7.75" x 3.75" (approx.).  Signed on base.  Very good condition. Some debris in the interior.

Hoglund was design director at Boda Sweden from the 1950s to the early 1970s.  Much of his work was based in oppositon to the more modern wares from competitors such as Orrefors and Kosta, focusing on handcrafted Arts and Crafts style.  Pieces placed more emphasis on small amounts of ornamentation, generally through the use of pressed glass medallions, while the glass often showed bubbles that placeed emphasis on the handmade nature of the items.