Wave Woven Vinyl Floor Mat by Chilewich

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While based on traditional Dobby constructions, Wave is woven using a more complex Jacquard construction, leading to completely new and unexpected designs. The pattern evokes a Nordic design sensibility which feels both warm and cool at the same time.

Wave uses Chilewich’s signature bi-color yarns, with each strand containing two different colors. These specific yarns are woven in such a unique way that one of the colors seems to appear and disappear, breaking up the distinct undulating lines.

All woven floor mats are made from Chilewich’s durable signature woven textile bonded with a flexible commercial-grade backing.

Made in USA with TerraStrand® and Microban®. Custom sizes available.

Available in the following sizes:
23" x 36"
35" x 48"
46" x 72"
72" x 106"

$ 130.00