Match Pewter

Wine Funnel with Filter by Match Pewter

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Match 1995 Pewter

Wine Funnel with Filter by Match Pewter

The Wine Funnel with Filter by Match Pewter is excellent for filtering out accumulated sediments in wines stored in warm climates.

5.9" H.

Pewter has an odd warmth in appearance that allows it to seamlessly meld with traditional and modern table settings alike. Each piece is made with a lead free alloy of tin, copper and antimony that is FDA approved and food safe.

Match dinnerware is dishwasher safe. It is suggested to use a liquid dishwasher detergent on lowest heat settings. Do not use a dishwasher in the case of hard water. Do not pre-soak. Pewter is NOT microwave safe. Pewter tarnishes very slowly and requires almost no maintenance.

To clean your pewter hand wash in warm water with a liquid dish soap. Be sure to dry the pewter completely, as water allowed to dry on pewter may cause spots. Any spots that appear can be easily removed by polishing or by gently rubbing the area in small circular motions with very fine "0000" steel wool.

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$ 179.00