Professor Oiva Toikka is a Finnish glass designer who has been making notable product for over fifty years.  In the 1970's he began a series of art glass birds for Nuutajarvi glassworks.

The City Bird Collection is the latest introduction.  New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris and Helsinki were the source of inspiration for designer Oiva Toikka, who gave the soul of the city to each bird. Each bird is limited to 200 pieces and only available at a few retailers in each country. 

Oiva Toikka remembers from his first visit to New York that he was “wandering in many mazes” and surprisingly he was not scared at all but found the city to be very sweet and sympathetic. The city rises towards blue skies and has many layers. The New York bird carries these elements: the opal white strip decoration twirls upwards towards the blue sky. The strong coloring was an obvious choice for the city that never sleeps and constantly heads upwards, in many ways.

Each piece is hand-blown and unique in appearance.
Amusespot has a limited number of the New York birds available for immediate shipment. 

Professor Oiva Toikka

Professor Oiva Toikka


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