Danne Semeraro is the principal behind Sempli, a glassware company with a fresh approach to wine, beer, and sake glass design. We asked him a few questions but forgot the wine.
Next time.

Design inspiration: I travel to new places. That gives me a fresh perspective.  But you can find inspiration in anything, if you look hard enough.

Whats always on my desk: Besides my computertracing paper, pencils, Sharpies and the positive for the mold of my first glass design.

Most prized possession: My fathers gold watch.

Favorite cities: I have so many.  Florence is such a Disneyland of Renaissance design. New York is nonstop everything.  LA is the beach, the mountainsunbelievable.  Then theres Helsinki, so beautiful and austere.

Favorite restaurant: Trattoria La Casalinga in Florence.  A rustic place with magical Tuscan food. I want to order everything on the menu.

Favorite bar: Employees Only in New York.  The bartenders dont over do it.  I want a drink, not a fruit salad.

Favorite foods: My mothers homemade ravioli. Swedish nappar candies.  Or Ahlgrens bilar if Im sketching.  Theyre not as sticky as nappar.

 Nappar Candies
Drawing: No. Drawing: Yes!

Design icons: Achille Castiglioni, Philippe Starck and Arne Jacobsen

Design landmarks: New YorkFlatiron Building and the Duomo in Florence.

Favorite fashion designer: Jimi Roos.  We were roommates in school, in between girlfriends.

Go-to vacation spot: My family home in Italy.  Its my recharge station.

Mr. Semeraro's (and Sempli's) designs are available at or in our showroom in Anthem, Nevada.

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