From the west coast of Sweden comes a line of skincare that strives to find the best combinations of natural and organic ingredients from land and sea.

Water, salt and seaweed are core building blocks that ensure each and every product delivers the nourishment your body and skin need to withstand coastal, and urban living today.

The Spa Facial Treatment by L:A Bruket is a 4-Step program that nourishes, replenishes, moisturizes and revitalizes fatigued skin. It can be used on different skin types as well.

Step 1: Clean with No. 98 Chamomile/Bergamot Cleansing Cream

A natural cleanser with cocoa butter, olive oil, & chamomile extract with bergamot to calm and heal. Use it to dissolve make up and dirt away while nourishing and softening your skin.

Step 2: Prepare Skin with No. 99 Chamomile/Bergamot Facial Toner & Refresher
Prepare your skin with this naturally hydrating toner with chamomile & witch hazel extract. Use it alone as a daily refresher, on a flight, or as an easing after shave.

Step 3:Treat Skin with No. 100 Carrot/Bergamot Face Oil
A nourishing and boosting anti-aging serum that adds moisture, softens and stimulates collagen production.  Includes jojoba, tangerine oil, & apricot kernel oil as anti-oxidants and protectants.

Step 4: Protect Skin with No. 101 Carrot/Bergamot Facial Cream

Use No. 101 Facial Cream as a day or night cream. Includes shea butter, jojoba, & bergamot to promote healing, while extract of carrot stimulates production of collagen and is rich in Vitamin A.  Mix with a bit of No. 100 Face Oil to make a richer cream, if desired.Step 4: Protect Skin with No. 101 Carrot/Bergamot Facial Cream.

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