Tony Abou-Ganim is one of the most important names in mixology, Known as the Modern Mixologist, Tony worked his way through Harry Denton's in San Francisco (where he developed the Cable Car), Mario Batali's Po in NYC (where he was Batali's first mixologist(, & Steve Wynn's Bellagio in Las Vegas (where he developed the resort's program). 

Tony is currently working on a project with the James Beard Award-Winning Chef Shawn McClain and developing a superb beverage program at the new arena in Las Vegas.

Tony recently was at an event at Amusespot where he served his signature American Cocktail and showed us how to make a classic Mojito.

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Tools: Juicer, Bar Spoon, Muddler, A Good 14 oz. Glass, & a Jigger.


Handful Mint (Stems removed)
1 oz FRESH lime juice
1 oz Simple Syrup (easy to make 1:1 water and sugar, boil/dissolve and cool)

Muddle the above in a 14 oz. glass

Add crushed ice to rim ("Like a sno-cone," says Tony)
1.5 oz rum


Add more crushed ice.

Add a touch of cold soda water.
Add a mint garnish.

View the video below for the nuance involved in making this cocktail.

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