L'Objet is the result of a lifelong pursuit of beauty by designer/founder Elad Yifrach.  While the majority of the Yifrach's work has surrounded classic tabletop design utilizing Limoges porcelain (including a fantastic foray of the Fortuny design house into accessories), he has also pursued some work in scents and the development of decorative Limoges containers for them.

Parfums de Voyage is a completely different direction for the firm.  Designed in conjunction with Yann Vasnier, Yifrach produced a series of four scents "inspired by the transportive power of scent and its ability to evoke a memory or recapture a mood."

Vasnier is the who's who of perfumers. Recipient of the International Young Perfumer of the Year Award early in his career, Vasnier became the Senior Perfumer for Givaudan (Swiss company, largest worldwide re: scents & flavors) and developer of scents for a myriad of companies, including Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford. 

The Parfums de Voyage collection corresponds to three different scents in candles and one scent (additionally) as incense.  Each scent represents a particular character at a location or time in their story, signified by a number on their Limoges container. 

No. 6: Jasmin d'Inde, for example, corresponds to a young woman in her flower stall falling in love with a visiting saffron merchant from Kashmir. As the visitor leans in to look at one of her jasmin garlands, she smells a hint of saffron, the market closing bell rings (at 6) and love blossoms. 

The scents are intoxicating and very different from other products on the market- from the brass lid/Limoges porcelain packaging to the complex scents that lies within.

Amusespot was one of the chosen retailers nationally to represent this collection.  We invite you to visit and make your own history.

View the Complete Parfums de Voyage Collection at Amusespot.

The Scents and Their Stories


View the Complete Parfums de Voyage Collection at Amusespot.

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