Amusespot ABC is a 501c3 non-profit corporation designed to assist schools and those in need. 

During the time when we had our used bookstore concept in Flagstaff, Arizona we were approached by librarians, teachers and others who expressed dismay with the lack of adequate budgets to providing literature for students, inmates, and others.  The largest problem we identified centered around the inability of teachers to provide an adequate number of copies for their students, resulting in shared books and multiple printings being used in the classroom.  It is difficult to say, "Turn to page 32" when you are dealing with multiple printings. 

We decided to use our ability to purchase titles in order to provide entire classrooms with the same book.  These books can then be the students' personal copy to take home and re-read at their own leisure. 

Amusespot ABC also gives away selected titles through our general community outreach at flea markets and the like. This is especially important for students and parents with children, as 'free' removes any cost-consciousness from the equation.

Since its founding, Amusespot ABC has helped classrooms, libraries, and jails with their needs. We also use some funds for specific titles destined for elementary schools, as those books tend to be paid out of pocket by educators.

We currently regularly accept donations at our Henderson, Nevada location only. We do pick up in the Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona area monthly. Don't worry. We also do pick up. Some exceptions may apply. Contact us!

Interested in donating funds? Click here.

Know someone who needs some help? Contact us and we will see what we can do. Contact us!

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Evan Silverstein

Love how you’re giving back to the community with books for the classrooms and/or personal use. Keep up the great work!!

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