A reduction in public classroom funding has resulted in our teachers using their own funds to provide materials for their classrooms. Amusespot has decided to help.

Over the past two years we have been involved in Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. We purchased a small used bookstore in a process to further understand the retail environment and support the local community.

During this process we noted a large quantity of books were thrown away. Dumpsters full.  Daily.  This includes many of the donations given by people to the large corporate entities that exist in virtually every town in America.  We decided that we should try to find these books a good home and started Amusespot ABC.

Amusespot ABC is a two-pronged effort to support reading habits in the community and classrooms. 

Used books are given away to the local community.  For Free.  

Teachers and librarians began to approach us about sourcing titles for their students' use.  Budgets often do not cover enough copies for entire classrooms.  Books are shared.  We decided that we would use our wholesale status to provide free new book copies for all students in the classroom.  This  facilitates the education process and enable each student to own their book to read. And read again. 

In addition we heard from correction facilities that were only allowed to provide Bibles to residents.  We began to work on this issue as well.

Recently we have begun supporting the Free Library Program in Flagstaff.  This program provides free books at various locations around the city. 24 Hours a day.

With the help of donations we have been able to help teachers from K-12, providing anything from classic Read-Alouds to The Catcher in the Rye.

Amusespot ABC recently received 501(c)(3) status, enabling us to operate as a Non-profit nationally.  We are planning to expand the program throughout the country. 

How can you help?


We can accept books in the Las Vegas/Henderson and Flagstaff area only at this time.

Financial contributions are welcome at Just $5 provides a high school student a new book.

Know a classroom in need? 
Get in touch at  We can help.


Karen Spahn

This is amazing .. I would love to start something like this in my community here in Oregon.. love you guys

Sandi Royce

Thank you Amusespot for paying forward. Always thankful for those who help our kids.

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