Here's to you, America.  We have collectively suffered through the worst election process in recent (and, perhaps not-so-recent) memory. Time is running out.  Time to make a decision. 

What to do?


We're having a great event at the store.  

Billed as the  "WHAT A BUNCH OF (bar) TOOLS" event, Amusespot is debuting the Uber Bar Tools line, imported all of the way from Australia. It's on election eve.

In an effort to be as non-partisan as possible we present 3 beverages. 

For Adults Only (You Know Who You Are).

The Wall

A variation of the classic Harvey Wallbanger, this one needs to be tweaked for the right color.

1 oz. Blanco Tequila (make it a good one!)
.5 oz Galliano
.5 oz Chambord
Orange Juice
Cherry for garnish
Serve in a Uge Glass, if desired.

The Rodham

2 oz Bourbon Whiskey (That's American, folks!)
Sweet Tea to taste
Garnish with Floated Orange Slice and Rose Petal

The Run For The Border (Any Border)

1 oz Canadian Whisky (we would suggest an aged one)
.5 oz Tequila (or more to taste)
Ginger Beer

A raffle will be held during the event.  Your entry is your vote for your favorite cocktail! 

Current polling suggests that The Wall is ahead of the pack for entertainment purposes. Those a bit more serious about their choices have been flocking to The Rodham.

Hang in there, Baby! Maybe we should re-state that as "You've Come A Long Way, Baby!"

The Event is Monday, November 7th from 5-7PM.
Please RSVP at

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