Tinkerbots are available in three sets.  The basic kit–the Wheeler Set–includes a power module (or power brain), a pivot device, a motor, axis cuboids, wheels, axes and adapters that are Lego-compatible.  The Advanced Builder Set includes the basic pieces, plus a twister module, and cube- and prism-shaped forms. The Sensoric Mega Kit adds in a grabber, a light sensor and other pieces.

Each kit is basically connect and go–you just press a button.  More advanced uses include recording motion patterns, as well as controlling the Tinkerbot creation remotely via app on a smartphone or tablet.  Using a sensor, kids also get the creation to react to objects.  The microcontroller in the power brain is compatible with Arduino for programming.

What can you (ahem, your kids) create?  Animals, robots, vehicles that move.  Factor in the addition of Lego or Lego-like pieces, and you can rule a small robotic kingdom.

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