The Faitoo System was released 20 years ago.  Designed by Philippe Starck, the concept was that everything you needed in the kitchen would be hung on the wall.  Since cookware was often hung on racks, why not?

Faitoo System by Philippe Starck
1996 Marketing for Faitoo

A play on "Fait Tout," or 'Does Everything' in French, the collection featured much of Philippe Starck's playfulness seen earlier in his storied career. The spatula has a face, for example, and all of the pieces have adorable names based on the 'too' of the name of the series.

Faitoo Kitchen Tools by Philippe Starck

This year Alessi of Italy has re-introduced the kitchen tools part of Faitoo. 

Now available. HERE.

An apology for the large amount of Alessi posts over the last month. Alessi has been an innovative Italian brand for decades and the majority of their product is released seasonally.  Many of the more interesting items for the Fall have just arrived, hence the deluge.

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