Unicorn Tears Color Changing Tea by Par Avion
A clever tea that changes from a brewed blue color to violet when lemon is added. Rarer than a unicorn....
$ 16.95
Birthday Cake Tea with Rainbow Jimmies by Par Avion
A bit of extra cheer for the celebration. Hand picked and sorted organic teas. 2 oz. package  Other Par Avion...
$ 16.95
Pink Mermaid Tea by Par Avion
Apple & Elderberry Loose Leaf Tea with Hibiscus Flowers. Brews pink! Hand picked and sorted. 2 oz. package  Other Par...
$ 16.95
Midnight Blend Tea with Golden Sugar Balls by Par Avion
A delightful blend of loose black tea and gold coated sugar balls. Relax into a cup of tea with golden glitter. Hand...
$ 16.95
Sparkling Rosé Blend Glitter Tea by Par Avion
A delightful blend of loose black tea, rose petals, and silver glitter sugar crystals. Brighten up your day. Hand picked and sorted...
$ 16.95
Twilight Blend Tea by Par Avion
Relax: a chamomile blend with metallic flakes. 2 oz. loose tea. Other Par Avion Teas are available here.
$ 16.95
Hello! Beautiful Tea by Par Avion
Who doesn't want to get gorgeous while sipping tea!  A blended mixture of various teas and herbs specially formulated for...
$ 24.95
Hello! Skinny Tea by Par Avion
Feeling bloated?  Need to fit into those pants? Our propriatery Skinny tea is blended with Wu Yi tea from China’s...
$ 24.95
Hello! Detox Tea by Par Avion
This antioxidant rich blend of organic rooibos and honeybush is combined with juniper berries, marigold and birch leaves to promote...
$ 24.95
Fairy Bomb Tea by Par Avion
Magic Blooming Tea bursts into flowers. Hand picked and sorted teas. 2 oz. package; Contains 5 bombs. Other Par Avion...
$ 25.95