Bay Rum After Shave by D.R. Harris
A classic spirit-based lotion made from piquant, aromatic oils with the true fragrance of Bay Oil. The story of D.R....
$ 45.00
Juniper & Geranium Beard Balm & Hair Groom by U.S. Apothecary
This natural beard balm & hair groom helps soften and smooth hair. This balm combines natural ingredients to help maintain moisture...
$ 16.00
Mane Mend Hair & Beard Oil by EiR NYC
A leave-in emollient for the harsh elements of the Planet, Mane Mend is a moisturizing oil that combines vitamin rich...
$ 30.00
No. 016 Natural Shea Butter by L:A Bruket
All natural, unscented, organic shea butter. Naturally oily, protective, preventive, moisture preserving and will slowly be absorbed by your skin....
$ 29.00
No. 145 Laurel Leaf Shaving Cream by L:A Bruket
An easy to apply shave cream that softens the hairs, makes it easier to cut and allows a really close...
$ 22.00
No. 146 Laurel Leaf After Shave Balm by L:A Bruket
Soothing and cooling after shave balm that moisturizes and protects strained skin. Rinse off your skin with cold water, dry...
$ 22.00
No. 147 Laurel Leaf Beard Oil by L:A Bruket
An active beard oil that is softening and caring for beard and skin. Moisturizing, detangling and prevents itching. With a...
$ 28.00
No. 166 Grooming Kit by L:A Bruket
Contains 4 x 60 ml Laurel Leaf Shaving cream, After shave Balm, Beard wash, Beard oil More products by L:A...
$ 90.00
Post-Shave Balm by Rockwell Razors
Carefully formulated and packed with natural ingredients like Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Jojoba  to...
$ 15.00
Pre-Shave Man Oil by Mayron's Goods
A roll on Pre-Shave and Beard Oil that soothes irritation of the skin, hydrates and softens skin and prepares for...
$ 38.00