Bois de Oud Candle, 6.7 oz. by Christian Tortu RETURN

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Christian Tortu
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Bois de Oud Candle, 6.7 oz. by Christian Tortu

Customer Return.  Candle is unused but box is damaged.

Meaning "the wood of Oud,' this candle captures the musky, woody scent of the tree. Oud is derived from the tropical agar tree. When it is infected by a mold known as Phialophora parasitica, the tree reacts by producing a dense, dark and fragrant resin to protect itself. It is the resin-embedded heartwood of the tree that is the source of Oud.


A note of Magnolia enveloped with birch and labdanum. Precious woody notes dominated by Oud, which blends into davana, Frankincense, benzoin and myrrh.

* Burn Time: 45 hours
* Wick: Natural Cotton
* Net Weight: 6.70 oz.

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Christian Tortu is a world-renown florist who mixes flowers, plants, and vegetables to create unique and stunning arrangements. His arrangements have been featured at the Cannes Film Festival as well as Chanel, Dior, and Valentino fashion shows. All of his products are inspired by the purity and wilderness of nature.