Probarjig Polycarbonate Jigger by Uber Tools CLEARANCE

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Uber Tools
$ 9.95 $ 12.95

Über ProBarJig™ is the dual volume jigger to accurately and consistently measure alcohol responsibly; minimizing waste.

The ProBarJig™ is ideal for measured Cocktail Making and is used worldwide by Professional Bartenders for efficient Bartending.

  • Polycarbonate construction.
  • Trilobal shape reduces or eliminates surface lens; no meniscus (adds 3-5 ml).
  • Angled jigger head provides clean directed pour streams.
  • 1 oz./2 oz. measurements.
  • 3.1" x 2.8"
  • Trade sales welcome. Please inquire.

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Uber Tools is an Australian company producing well-designed quality bar tools for restaurants and home use.