White Folia Frame, 5"x 7" by Wedgwood

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White Folia Frame, 5"x 7" by Wedgwood

$ 100.00

White Folia Frame, 5"x 7" by Wedgwood

Inspired by fresh air and lush foliage, each piece of the Folia collection by Wedgwood features organic lines and shapes that bring Mother Nature's soothing salve to your home. The natural designs of flowers in full bloom and verdant leaves create a relaxing simplicity, which can be mixed and matched with bolder patterns and colors in your home to develop a unique den of zen.

Photo Size: 5" x 7"

Material: Porcelain

The Wedgwood collections cover a full range of tableware, teaware and home décor items, all crafted with love since 1759. All of the pieces have a wealth of historic manufacturing techniques and centuries of pattern inspirations behind them, creating timeless objects that enrich the everyday.

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