Wild Fennel Incense Cones, Set of 17 by Haeckels

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Wild Fennel Incense Cones, Set of 17 by Haeckels

$ 16.00 $ 20.00

A wonderful sweet scent for relaxation and scenting the home.

Best used with the Haeckels' Incense Burner.

To use, simply light the incense and blow out the flame. Please use caution and a suitable surface.

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About the Company:
Haeckels is named after Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), a German biologist. Located in Margate, UK, Haeckels has been developing products utilizing locally found ingredients while focused on supporting the community and environmental efforts. Haeckels is also focused on sustainability, and much of their packaging is designed for re-use.

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Wild fennel, Basil, Raw incense cones


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