Rivier the Elephant Knit Doll by Blabla
Rivier hails from Paris, where he worked closely with the circus.  His favorite food is Gorgonzola cheese. Handmade in Peru...
$ 49.00
Hoppie Rabbit, Light Grey, 15" by Steiff
Children's eyes light up when Soft Cuddly Friends Hoppie rabbit comes hopping. The rabbit has a height of 38 cm,...
$ 39.95
Harmony the Blue Mermaid Knit Doll by Blabla
Harmony likes long swims near the beach. Handmade in Peru with 100% Cotton. 12" The Blabla brand is available here.
$ 49.00
Brown Tipped Teddy Bear, Mohair by Steiff
This mini teddy bear is a great way to be introduced to the wonders of fine mohair. Mohair is made...
$ 65.00
Pilla Duckling by Steiff
Cute woven plush 6" duckling from Steiff. Steiff is a German Toy Company. Founded in 1880, Steiff was the originator...
$ 21.95
Giselle Giraffe by Steiff
The pink Giselle is made of soft and cozy plush material. Bean bags at her rear, hooves and soles ensure...
$ 27.95
Unica Unicorn by Steiff
Unica is handmade from fine white plush fabric and has three elaborately embroidered golden-beige stars on the right side of...
$ 42.95
Melody the Pink Mermaid Knit Doll by Blabla
Melody, like her sister Harmony, loves long swims near the beach.  She's a sucker for sardines. Handmade in Peru with...
$ 49.00
Alphabet Factory Blocks by House Industries
Inspired by the original House Industries logo, these handmade (in Grand Rapids. Michigan!) basswood wooden blocks feature an impressive selection...
$ 70.00
Wooden Periodic Table of the Elements Blocks
Handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, these 20 1.75" basswood cubes feature your favorite elements... and then some.  Printed with non-toxic...
$ 38.00